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Receive 100% matched candidate profiles.

Candidates with specific requirements will be presented

  • Job type
  • Job location
  • Job title
  • Education required
  • Languages fluency (oral and written )
  • Industry
  • Experience required
  • Salary Range


See matched candidate profiles on your dashboard

Manage your matched Candidate Profiles in Excel® sheet to view all information on each candidate and sort by any field.



View up to 40 additional profile factors for each candidate.

For every candidate there is aditional date

  • History of Employment-3 prior positions
  • Education institutions up to 3
  • Specialized Certificates (eg: RN, NCLEX )
  • Professional Licenses
  • Location of Licenses
  • Key Job Skills (eg: Java, Database, SQL )
  • Much More

Narrow your finalist candidate selection with these useful tools

MFCATM(multi factor character assessment) that ‘accurately measures candidates’ “soft skills”

Secure Video-conferencing:conduct your first interview on-line, in a fully secure enviroment

Pay-Per-Matched Candidates

  • Post unlimited jobs for free. Pay only for delivered 100% Direct Matches
  • Direct Matching Factors:
  • 1) Position
  • 2) Industry
  • 3) Job Type (eg: Part time, Full time, Internship)
  • 4) Education Level
  • 5) Years of Experience
  • 6) Language Fluency (oral & written)
  • 7) Job Location (Country & State/Prov.)
  • 8) Salary Range

In addition, all “Direct Matched candidates” complete an in-depth General background profile, detailing their Education, Experience, Skills, and Certification(s), plus Resume Upload

  • All Purchased Match Profiles are delivered to your Dashboard.
  • One-button access to Excel® document allows you to drilldown up to 50 Matching and General profile factors for each candidate.”

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If you're ready to launch your career into high-gear, then you need to find the best, most suitable, and most lucrative job possible, whether it's around the corner or on the other side of the planet.

We'll help you find that job.

We take everything into consideration, from experience to education, and beyond. We'll match you with qualified positions at home or abroad, and give employers the opportunity to reach out to you and even to interview you online. And we won't stop until we've found the right job for you.


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Frequently asked Questions

Jobseeker FAQs

  • Q.How is Globemploy different from other job sites?
    A.Globemploy™is a job site with a global reach and a unique approach. Our goal: to match job openings with qualified candidates worldwide. We accomplish this by matching the vital job qualification factors of the job seeker with the stated needs of job posters. Globemploy also offers a continuous news feed regarding employment opportunities and economic development, on-line testing and secure video conferencing.
  • Q.Is this service free?
    A.Globemploy is absolutely free to job seekers
  • Q.Are jobs listed on this site?
    A.This is strictly a job matching site. Jobs are not visible to potential candidates.

Employer FAQs

  • Q.How does Globemploy™ function differently from other job sites?
    A.Globemploy™ is a global employment exchange. Jobseekers enter their complete profile, which could qualify them for one or more jobs in up to 5 global locations of their choosing . When a posted job matches their specific profile, they are presented to potential employers. Profiles are only visible to employers who have paid for a specific number of matched profiles.
  • Q.Are Jobs Listed On This Site?
    A.No. Specific jobs Are Not Visible to potential candidates.
  • Q.Can Resumés be viewed independently on the site?
    A.No. resumes are added to candidate profiles. Only matched candidate profiles s are accessible to employers.
  • Q. Is this website free?
    A.Unlimited job posts are free. Payment is made only for 100% matched candidates found. You choose the quantity of matched candidates to wish to access.
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