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Honesty is Key to Job Matching Success

When searching for employment, few things are more frustrating than getting all the way to the interview process only to find that the position isn’t quite what it was made out to be. When listing jobs, careers, internships, and volunteer opportunities, there is little consensus on exactly what information is most relevant, and should therefore be presented.


Luckily, with the advent of technology, job matching has promised to help overcome these miscommunications, in the process saving both companies and potential new hires the hassle of going through the hiring process only to find that there isn’t really a good fit after all.


Job matching is essentially a process by which companies a specific profile of the type of candidate they are seeking. Would-be applicants create a personal profile based upon not only their professional experience and qualifications, but also upon things such as values, hobbies, and other intangible factors. Matches are then made based on a deeper compatibility than has ever been available before.

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Job matching is about more than just listing and matching jobs. Careers which are truly successful are based upon a real sense of belonging within an organization, which can only be found by matching a deeper sense of goals and values.


Unfortunately, many people who are seeking employment are still using an approach more suited to the traditional job hunt. Their objective is to be appealing to as many companies as possible, rather than to truly reflect who they are. This approach may be fine for those who are seeking jobs. Careers, on the other hand, are a different story.


To find a truly successful career through a job match, candidates must be as honest and forthcoming as possible. It may lead to fewer opportunities, but where quantity suffers, quality blossoms. The point of the process is to place give both the hiring company and the applicant the greatest possible chance to succeed, and only truthful representation can achieve that.


Employment was once little more than a game to be played, but recent developments have opened the door to work being so much more than just a way to collect paycheques. The key is to simply be as honest and forthcoming as possible, and to allow the system to do what it was meant to do; find the best opportunities available for each and every candidate seeking employment.

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