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Job Matching Increasing in Popularity

As sluggish employment statistics continue to decrease, more and more career-based companies begin to emerge. From updating resumes to prepping for interviews, products and services promising to help the unemployed find work have become big business in a very short period of time.


One trend that has been gaining popularity very quickly is job matching. Very similar in nature to the recent trend of dating websites, these companies promise to help match unemployed people with career opportunities specifically appealing to them and their skill sets.


Based upon a number of factors, including experience, education, expertise and location, these job matching sites have become wildly popular. Some even boast compatibility-based assessments, claiming to be able to pinpoint the most appropriate environment for both worker and employer.

credit to wmacphail at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wmacphail

The benefit for those seeking employment is obvious. For a small fee, they are directed to the career opportunities that are the most appealing to them. Without the hours spent sifting through countless irrelevant postings, the process becomes streamlined (and far less frustrating). They can find a job faster, and be made aware of opportunities that they otherwise would never have found.


For hiring companies, the benefits are similar. Without having to deal with piles of applications from unqualified candidates, hiring agents save both time and money. In addition, the ability to cast a wider net means more talented individuals to choose from.


It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and the creation of the job matching industry is proof of that very fact. From opportunity comes innovation. And creating a tool that enables meaningful and appropriate employment opportunities is an innovation that works towards everyone’s benefit.

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