Country Travel And Immigration Information

Below we have provided information about many countries that will be beneficial in making decisions about your career choices.

Please click on any of the countries below to view the detailed information relating to that region.

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You will get the following information:

Country Profile

  1. Major Cities
  2. Major Languages
  3. Population
  4. Currency
  5. Climate
  6. Major religions

Annual Economic Facts

  1. Employment Rate
  2. Main industries
  3. Major Companies
  4. Minimum Wage
  5. Number of new hires annually
  6. Growth Industries

Immigration Data

  1. Work Study Visa
  2. Do you need employer sponsorship to immigrate?
  3. Rate of immigration


  1. Key Tourist attractions
  2. Major festivals
  3. Number of Annual Tourists
  4. Peak Tourist Season


  1. Quality of Life Index
  2. Population with a higher education
  3. Cost of internet access
  4. Medicare public/private
  5. Average cost of a higher Education