MFCA TestTM (Multi Factor Candidate Assessment)

An essential element in completing your Globexact™ Matching process.

This unique pre-employment candidate evaluation will give you the information you need to evaluate your finalist candidates.

Have you ever hired someone who did not reach your expectations?

Do you spend time and money training employees, and then they leave?

Most hiring managers answer yes to the above questions, but then they fail to implement a proven process that will lead to avoid hiring mistakes. Peter Drucker, the renowned management consultant, said that within the first year of employment, 2/3 of all hiring decisions prove to be unsuccessful.

  • 75% of Fortune 500 companies use emotional intelligence (EI) testing.
  • EI now accounts for nearly 70% of job performance success rates.

MFCA Test™ (Multi Factor Candidate Assessment) - a 15-minute Online Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

  • A legally-reviewed, behavioral-based interview guide e-mailed instantly to the hiring manager.
  • Provides an overview of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifies the corporate culture and best management style in which the candidate will excel.
  • Gives legal and pertinent questions for insightful reference checks.

After the candidate completes the profile, the system immediately scores it and generates a Candidate Profile and Interview Guide, which will demonstrate:

  • Intuition & Empathy competency (people skills),
  • Results Orientation & Decisiveness (energy and impatience)
  • Adherence & Organization (rule‐orientation)
  • Types of Reasoning (analytical versus creative thinking)
  • Self-View (ability to handle rejection and criticism)

In addition, this report gives legal and pertinent interview questions for the interviewer to ask for insightful reference checks.

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