Globemploy™ offers you the ability to video conference with any of your potential candidates, in a fully secure environment. Set a specific time and date, send notification and receive confirmation of the conference all from one location. As your candidates may originate from numerous parts of the world, it is important that you control your costs and time management during the hiring process.

It is more practical meet virtually with your chosen finalist candidates prior to conducting a physical interview with someone who could be thousands of miles away.

Globemploy™ uses the latest technologies and most reliable and secure sources for connectivity. Our hassle-free, web-based Videoconferencing system enables website users to instantly connect live 1 to 1 for private webcam video chats - eliminating the need for additional downloads or software.

We also provide the ability to monitor the details of all your pending conferences and their status, in a snapshot, through our employer dashboard.

Secure videoconferencing from Globemploy™ saves you time and money on business travel costs incurred by candidates whom you wish to interview.

By combining MFCA™ testing with videoconferencing, you will surely increase the probability of choosing the ideal candidate for your job openings.


* In order to access the Video Conference tool, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed in your computer. To download the Adobe® Flash ® Player system plug-in, click here .


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