FAQ For Employers

Q.How does Globemploy function differently From Other Job Sites?

A. Globemploy™ is essentially a job matching platform. As such, posted jobs are not visible on the site. As well, job seeker profiles are only visible to employers with matched job postings.


Q.Are Jobs Listed On This Site?

A.-This Is A Job Matching Site. Jobs Are Not Visible To Potential Candidates. Also, this matching system eliminates "Resume Overload" for employers.


Q. Can Resumes be viewed on the site?

A. No. Only candidate profile that match posted jobs are shown to employers.


Q. How Close Does The Match Need To Be?

A. All Of The Criteria Listed In The Drop-down Menus In The Application Must Match The Requirement Of The Job- As Listed In The Job Posting Form By The Job Placer, Ie-a 100% Match. The only exception is the MAJOR listed in the education section of the job seeker application. This factor is not matched, but can be viewed in the excel® spread sheet of matched candidates


Q. Can the criteria be changed during the term of the job post.

A. Yes, up to 2 criteria can be changed during the life of the job post.


Q. Can I match job postings with specific education major concentrations of applicants?

A. Yes. The preliminary matching process includes education level and grade score achieved by applicants. The applicants must also list their education institution as well as their major course concentration. This information along with other vital data can be easily accessed by employers when viewing candidate profiles as an excel spreadsheet.