FAQ For Job Seekers

Q. How does Globemploy function differently from other Job Sites?

A. Globemploy™ is essentially a job matching platform. As such, posted jobs are not visible on the site. As well, job seeker profiles are only visible to employers with matched job postings.


Q. Is This Service Free?

A. Globemploy™ Is free To Job Seekers only.


Q. Are Jobs Listed On This Site?

A. Jobs are not Visible to potential candidates. This Is strictly a Job Matching Site.


Q. Can I Search For A Job?

A. No-Globemploy acts as a global matching site. This eliminates the need to search through thousands of Job offerings In order to find the right match. Jobs are not searchable because we handle all of the grunt work for you, utilizing our Globexact™ Multi-factor Filtering System.


Q. How Close Does The Match Need To Be?

A .All Of the criteria Listed In the Drop-down Menus In the Application must match the Requirement Of The Job- As Listed In The Job Posting Form By The Job Placer, Ie-a 100% Match.
To be sure that a job seeker is matched with all matched jobs, it is advised to tick off "any" in the position and/or industry headings. This allows you to be exposed to all jobs that match your qualifications.


Q. Will I Be Notified Of A Job Match?

A. You Will Be Notified By Globemploy™ that your application has been matched. After the employer has reviewed your application, you could be contacted directly and/or be requested To take our MFCA Test™ (Multi Factor Candidate Assessment) Through Globemploy™.


Q. Can I communicate with job placers (Employers)?

A. Communication Will Be Initiated By The Job Placer only. You will not be given the name of the matched employer. They may choose to contact you directly or ask you to tame the MFCA test first. They will identify themselves at the time that they contact you.


Q. Will my current employer be able to see that I'm searching for new employment?

A. You may choose to place your current employer and/or another company in A "blocked List" When Filling out Your application. In this case they will NOT be able to see your name.


Q. Can I have more Than one Employment Profile?

A. Yes. The profile name are for your use, and are not given to employers. You May Have several profiles which you can designate for specific employment requests. You would then be able to stress specific areas of employment experience In each one .


Q. How do I Know If I can immigrate to my destination country?

A. Check out our Country Profile Tabs for updated information on your destination country. You will find pertinent information and a link to the immigration department of that country.


Q. Does Globemploy vouch for the credibility of Job Posters (Employers)?

A. Globemploy operates this website as an international employment marketplace for job seekers and employers, and does not verify or guarantee the authenticity of statements mentioned on this site by Job Placers or Job Seekers. Please read and agree To our ”Terms and Conditions prior to registration.


Q. Will I be able to have access to jobs in other countries?

A. Yes. You may tick off up to five (5) countries in the job profile section. You will then be matched to all of jobs matching your qualifications in any of those countries.