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Below are resources for assisting you in your career goals. We hope that this information helps you to improve on your interviewing, resume building skills and overall confidence when searching and interviewing for a new career.

Resume Tips

- Focus your resume on enticing perspective employers.
- Keep it concise and to the point. Don’t bore the employer with lengthy text.
- Make sure your job titles and descriptions are as descriptive as possible.
- Don't state the obvious, there's no need to say that you’re "available for interview" or that "references are available upon request".
- Your abilities need to be reinforced with experience.
- Fill out multiple profiles through the Job Seeker Dashboard to tailor your application to each opportunity and update them regularly.
- 1 spelling or grammar mistake can lead to your resume being thrown in the trash. Using spell check just once can factor in landing your dream job.
- Use a professional email address. 76% of resumes are rejected if the email address used is not professional. It takes minutes to set up a new email address and the time spent can help you land your dream job.
- Prioritize your information by placing the most relevant information first.
- Keep it positive and use concrete examples.
- Make the most of your abilities.

Videoconferencing tips

-Professional attire is paramount. Dress as you would for an in-person interview.
- Avoid patterns and stripes which create dizzying effects on camera. Blue, grey and brown are your best bet.
- Good examples of proper attire are national newscasters.
- Make good eye contact and come prepared, rehearsal is always a good idea.

Salary negotiation tips

In order to maximize your potential earnings you must fully understand the industry and specific company looking to employ you. Doing your research upfront can help you tremendously over time. Figure out your expectations and determine your breaking point in advance. Allow your employer to bring up the subject. If asked to come up with a figure give them a range and leave it open to discussion. Realize your potential and understand your value. Listen to what the employer has to offer and give it some consideration before responding. Be reasonable and consider other factors such as perks, bonuses and benefits. The negotiation should result in a win-win situation.

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